What hope looks like.

Picture, if you will, a construction site. It looks like any construction site anywhere.  Rebar lays on the ground. Fresh concrete has been poured.  Raw materials have been brought in and workers are on site.

It happens that this primary school of 120 students has only one restroom for each sex, consisting of two toilets each, that is, four toilets in all, for everyone. So it is a matter of some urgency to build an additional restroom, and that’s the plan.  But today we learned the Army has demanded a halt to the construction.

This school is in Area C in the West Bank. Virtually no building permits are given in Area C, so it is no surprise that there is no permit for these toilets.  But on the other hand, the toilets are urgently needed.  So they must be built.

The Army has told the head master and the workers that if construction continues, the raw materials will be removed from the site.  I’m a stranger here so maybe I don’t quite get it. Is it possible that school toilets are a major threat to the security of the State?

In situations like this, and there are many of them here, continuing to hold a vision for a better life and to act on that vision is what hope looks like.  Hope can be a pile of sand and a tenacious group of people who continue to plan for a better life.

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