My name is chris and I am all about celebrating the life we have been given in poetry, painting, prose, and pictures which ultimately are all praise.  The fact is, none of us made this place or brought ourselves into it.  It’s all a gift, one that goes by, from a Giver.  All the ways I can respond to the gift are also gifts to me and through me to the world.

I am wife, mother, artist, and pastor. I celebrate and share the love that surrounds us. I name the name of Jesus as One who lives life abundantly on our behalf and brings us along with Him in the dance between God and creation. Like Him, I humbly try to be present to all I meet.

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  1. Hello Cris, At the outset, let me warn you that I am not a computer geek. Aunt Edie let’s me know if I have mail, bu teven she fails at times to keep up with e-mail. That said, I don’t believe the message you refered to was mine, but I did review your blog and found it interesting.

    On the home front, I continue to visit with your Mom and Dad about every week. Dad is still about the same , or slowing a bit, and your Mom continues to give her wonderful support.

    Aunt Edie and I wish you all the blessings of Christman and the best of health in the coming year.

    Love, Uncle Paul

  2. Dear Chris

    My name is Alan Lonergan, I am from Ireland. I am writing to you to compliment you on the beautifully written article I have just read in the Franciscan Times called “Scenes from the West Bank”. I found it on the net while looking for information on Palestine from a Christian perspective. I would like to ask if it is ok to extract this article from the Franciscan Times and place it on the web here in Ireland. I am a board member of Sadaka-The Ireland Palestine Alliance and while we are a secular organisation we take the view that the work of faith based communities is an important factor in bringing about Justice and Peace in the Holy Land. As such we have a section on our website focusing on the Churches: http://www.sadaka.ie/What_We_Do/Churches/MainChurchesPage.html
    I would like to place the article in our “Further Reading” section.

    Later in the year we will be hosting the trip of 3 Palestinian church men to Ireland.

    Well done on this moving account of your trip, you know with this article you have used words like a brush to paint a picture in the mind.

    Thank you and blessings from Ireland


    Alan Lonergan

    • Alan,
      Thanks for your kind words. I want the information in the article to reach as many people as possible. I’m pleased and honored tht you would like to repost it. I’ve checked with the editor of the Franciscan Times and you can repost with the line, “Reprinted with permission from The Franciscan Times” . Blessings on your ministries.

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