Making sense of senseless: a raw prayer

One week in West Bank and East Jerusalem

by itself is senseless it’s not enough time to visit

not enough time to be not enough time to feel

and the day after returning

is not enough time to

make sense of the

senseless the

baby 8 months old who died in Bethlehem Governate of teargas

in its crib but the attackers are not responsible because the baby

was not the target and – what???- and I am listening

the woman who died of teargas at the checkpoint

erected right next to a hospital  – what the hell is that anyway? –

is that – hell -?

the man the revered doctor who died of teargas because his ambulance

was held up at a checkpoint for a half hour- seriously?

the young man who was on his way to work and had to walk past some soldiers

don’t go his friend said

it will be ok the man said I have to go to work

and ended up

– dead? what? –

he loved life wasn’t a fighter just wanted to go to work

the waiter who was his friend crazy with why why why why

and I am listening

the mother who says I don’t let my son go out the settlers shoot at him


and I am listening

and then a party in a city that has had sooooo many deaths

not to disrespect but to honor to celebrate the benevolent nonprofit

to celebrate its existence because existence is resistance

and because we have to celebrate because we want to live

lamentation and celebration merge in the solemn joy

of just doing our little bit to bring life

to those who dwell in the valley

of the shadow of death

a woman grieves her son in administrative detention

and does not eat and I am listening

a pastor puts the names of the dead in a jar and prays the names

and I am listening

and now I am here getting ready to

go to my everydaywork and wondering

how if in any way i can help

wondering how i as a witness can help


how the book of Joshua

jives with the injustice as seen

from the underside

– calling on the work of St. Bartholome de las Casas

on All Saints Sunday

for help and

– God! O gracious God,

Good Teacher,

I am listening

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