Greetings from Cyprus, a beautiful island we did not expect to visit.  Yesterday as we approached Tel Aviv, there was a storm.  You know the  kind of storm with those crazy downdrafts that feel like an elevator in free-fall.  They call it “bumpy air” in the airline industry.  Passengers have different words for it.  Anyway, while in the midst of this bumpy air we experienced a flash and our lights flickered out for a moment and then came on, followed by thunder.  Since the air remained bumpy we diverted to Cyprus, and once there we sat for an hour or so on the tarmac until we were told that we had experienced a lightning strike and the plane was grounded until it could undergo a full inspection.  The inspection crew?  In Toronto.

Air Canada has been splendid, however.  They got us water, they got us sandwiches, and then they got us off the plane and onto coaches and deposited us at a beach resort for the night with two great free meals and a Mediterranean sunset.

All this inconvenienced Arnie who has missed a couple important meetings today.  I’m going with the flow.  After all, we were struck by lightning, and we ended up…… the beach?  I’ll take that instead of the alternative.

More later.  Blessings!


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