How fast are you going?

At the gym at the hotel this morning, exercising while awaiting the slow walk across the chancel of Central Lutheran to receive my MDiv degree, I tried one of the elliptical programs. It featured a course in the mountains of the South Island of New Zealand. As I rolled through the program tracking speed and heart rate, I could see rope bridges, tropical vegetation, mountain peaks and glaciers. Yet although the machine said my pace was merely respectable, the visual part of the program made it feel like I was running through the rough-and- tumble terrain, perhaps even careening.

Careening: the feeling of life speeding up as I go through May’s check-off list. Last time preaching at the internship. Last day at the internship. Last visit to campus before graduation. Last Thank – you note. (This is always tentative, since I keep having reasons to say thank you! And thank you for that! )

Yesterday a beautiful day on campus. A wonderful baccalaureate service. A great meal with friends new and old. Today it’s graduating, driving home, sleeping. Tomorrow it’s staging and packing. Tuesday, the friendly skies.

Careening. It all goes by so quickly.   The view is beautiful.  Hit the pause button. Take time in the midst of life to breathe in the Now.

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