Arrived in Yatta

Arrived in Yatta today as daylight waned.  Our drive down was on public busses, a challenge with all our luggage, for sure.  I don’t travel lightly enough.  Yatta is a dusty city of one or two story dwellings, some with sheep pens on ground level.  We’re going up on the roof with our driver and translator in just a moment. We met with United Nations Organizing Committee for Humanitarian Affairs in Jerusalem this afternoon for a summary of the humanitarian impact of the occupation on Gaza and the West Bank citing trends over time, and then rushed for our luggage and the bus stops.  God is good, and we are here, frayed but none the worse for wear.  As tomorrow is an early day, this must be brief.  We will begin to go out to the villages and school accompaniments and so on first thing in the morning.  I’ve had a short Arabic lesson from Jawid, which I’ve quickly forgotten, sadly.  Maybe I will remember it tomorrow.  Inshallah.

2 thoughts on “Arrived in Yatta

  1. OMG! You’ve got “the vest!” Such a great look on you–and I LOVE the hair! May your first night in Yatta be restful–but if it isn’t, just think–you’ve got real sheep to count!:-) Love ya!

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